Sales can be frustrating.
On one hand, you don't want to harass people.
But on the other hand you know you have what they need.

Do you feel like your sales pitch and marketing skills are not at their full potential?
And if you just knew what to say that you could make more sales?

Have you ever thought...
"I want to make sales but I don't want to seem sales-y!"
  • What would it be like if you were able to sell your products with ease?
  • Imagine opening the doors to your coaching program and getting flooded with inquiries.
  • Imagine how you would feel when your phone starts lighting up with payment notifications as your course starts to fly off the virtual shelf.
  • What would life be like if you never had to worry about where your next sale was coming from?

When each win starts to stack on the next you feel powerful.

You feel a sense of satisfaction because you know that you're getting your message out to those who need it.

And you'll finally feel like you can call this a real business and not just an expensive hobby.

Making all the sales you want comes down to 3 things...
  • CONFIDENCE - You must be 100% clear on the outcome you provide and knowing how to communicate that to your ideal client
  • CREATIVITY - You must know how to craft an offer that has your ideal clients salivating, ready to join, credit cards in hand.
  • CLOSING SKILLS - If clients normally walk away without making a decision then you must learn how to close. 
If you want to sell more of your coaching, consulting, and courses, then join us in...
During this 21 day sprint you'll discover...

How to find the sales trigger words that your ideal clients need to hear in order to take action

How to craft an offer that appeals only to your audience and leaves the competition in the dust (competition won't matter when you know how to do this)

How to transition into the sale without alerting buyer defenses. (If your buyers clam up when you move into the sale, then you're missing this transition!)

How to close with ease and focus... even when the prospect tries to distract you!

By the end of the $10K Sales Sprint, you will have the confidence to make irresistible offers, and the skills to close sales.

Here's how it works...

Each day you will have one assignment. These are the same assignments I give to my private clients who pay thousands to work with me.

I've chosen only the most effective steps that each of my successful client's take.

There's still time to make this the year you finally reach those income goals. 

Are you ready?

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