Reach more people with your message, get notoriety for your unique style, and stand out to your potential clients.

Introducing NOTABLY YOU
(because people buy from people, not businesses)
  • Learn how to get press and be featured online.
  • Learn how to hone-in on your brand and use it to gain clients.
  • Learn how to stand-out against your competitors in a saturated market. 
This isn’t like any coaching course you’ve seen before…
This course is about *you*
  • Defining who you are, what makes you unique, and why your clients need to work with you above anyone else.
  • It’s about discovering your personal brand and how to utilize it online.
  • How to get more eyes on your business, and how to attract your ideal clients.
Sounds great right? ...but what if you’re struggling with…
  • Getting attention for your offers and courses.
  • Getting press to feature you.
  • Getting your message to the right people.
  • Figuring out what your message even is. 
Then NOTABLY YOU is exactly what you’ve been waiting for.
What would it feel like to see your work and message in the press? To have brands like Forbes, Business Insider, and The Huffington Post ask YOU for interviews?

Not because you released a new product, but because you and your message are news-worthy?
When you establish a strong personal brand and you confidently show up in the world, things like this do happen! I know from experience and I’ve actually done it! In my NOTABLY YOU course I walk you through all the steps on how to develop your pitch, where to find the press, and how to present yourself in a way that grabs their attention.

By the end of this course, you’re going to have people asking how they can know more about you and where they can buy your offers.
***All recordings of the GET VISIBLE GET CLIENTS CHALLENGE***
Also included…

  • How to create an influencer ad
  • The easiest way to get press features plus a pitch template you can use right now
  • How to create a speaking/pitch deck
  • Email templates you can use to reach out to brands, press, and potential partners
  • Use this software to supercharge your personal email so you never miss an opportunity (or have to remember to follow up!)
  • How to get speaking engagements (free and paid) and when you should go after each one
  • How to create a television pitch. I’ll share the one that I used to get featured on CBS not once but 3 times!
  • How to create content that gets noticed
  • The #1 location journalists hang out, and how to get their attention

This is so much more than a course. This is the foundation for building a personal brand that will carry you through your entire career and business.

  • These are strategies you can use over and over again throughout the lifespan of your business.
  • These are tools you can use as you shift and pivot throughout your business.
  • You can use these tactics anywhere and they’ll last forever. 


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